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3 Thinking Habits That Block Your Divine Energy

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

I remember my first experience of feeling the ecstatic blissful energy that lives inside of us.

I was on a meditation retreat doing a 45 min eye gazing meditation with a delicious dark skinned young man (that part totally not necessary but fun all the same). After 30mins of staring into this mans eyes and soul I felt an incredible buzzing “turn on” activated and rise within my body. I was so gob smacked and blissed out all I could manage to report back to the group was “That was better than sex!”.

Needless to say, this retreat changed my life forever. I had a new, way more interesting motivation to commit to my meditation practice! I now knew the bliss that was in there! All I could think of was HOW do I connect to this more often and what is blocking me from this energy on a day to day basis?

As I delved into research and literally every teacher and workshop I could get my hands on, it became very evident that what was predominantly blocking me (and most of us!) from experiencing this energy is our conditioned mind.

For the sake of this short article I have summarized some findings into:

3 Thinking habits that block the Divine natural energy within:

1) Pushing against ourselves (aka conditional love)

Any form of criticism, judgment, negative self-talk will completely block us. Our divine energy will never AGREE with this. She will coil up and hide. Only loving thoughts of sacredness, gratitude, compassion and power (to name a few) will activate her. She will only dance for you when you meet her with this language.

2) Pushing against our life situation (aka conditional life circumstances)

When we are not agreeing with where life has led us. Perhaps we are comparing with others and feeling dissatisfied/lack. If we believe where we are at is in any way “wrong” then we block this universal flow of energy. The divine within us is always saying yes to now and knows the bigger plan and that we are exactly where we need to be. When we surrender our timeline and our formulas and agree to the “weird obstacle course” we may have been taken on then we are in agreement with life’s greater plan and her lessons and we can feel her agreement and peace within.

3) Pushing against our hearts desires

The old “ that’s not realistic”, “I’m stuck in this job forever”, will most certainly block her dance. Trying to control the HOW’s and WHEN’s of when our desires will arrive will also move us into mind control, contraction and blockage.

When we can feel our desires like they have already manifested and know at a deep level that we are supported on our life path then our energy opens into a receptive, expansive mode. When we open to possibilities, our inner energy and power also opens. If we close with limitation, our energy and often our hearts will close as well.

If you are new to your inwards journey and releasing your own resistance, I encourage you to keep going. Have a look at which category you are perhaps pushing against the most often. This inner work is the greatest work as individuals we will ever do. I encourage you to continue and I promise you that where you are headed is a true, true treasure chest within you and definitely worth the journey!


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