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Meditation and Alignment Coach


"As we Imagine, so we become"



Ex corporate professional turned Alignment Coach.  I get SUPER excited about the power of thinking differently, quantum physics, the power of our imagination and the importance of the relationship with our Life Force! Teaching others how to over ride unhelpful conditioning and reconnect to their true energy is my super power and also what makes me feel like a Christmas tree super lit up! Introducing clients to their own Bio-feedback and guiding them to re-connect to themselves is something I couldn't be more passionate about!

How did I get so goddam excited about all of this?

By learning it myself! So many jaw dropping aha moments.   I literally had a gazillion beliefs and layers of conditioning that were blocking my peace and pleasure.  Think over achieving, perfectionistic, striving for external validation and completely exhausting myself!  I had orchestrated huge external success but internally, I was completely out of balance and ignoring myself.  I had ZERO relationship with my internal world and my validation came from external success.  

Once I knew that we choose our own beliefs and how to re-wire them in a way that unlocks our true energy - well I had to dedicate the rest of my life to supporting others to do just this. 

Ultimately we want to be in communion with ourselves.  I look forward to connecting with you x





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