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Cath is a goddess. 

She has this magic way of holding space to allow you to be your true self, and at the same time give you very effective, practical tools you need to learn, heal and tap into your inner resources (p.s. I don’t like calling it tools because it sounds waaay too simplistic to describe what Cath does).

With Cath, I’ve discovered how to find inner strength and resilience while embracing vulnerability, and I’m learning how to live in a way that’s true and authentic. I can hand on heart say that her help is reframing my outlook on life. I’m very excited to keep working with her! ❤


“I’ve been working with Cath for over a year now and I honestly wonder how I managed before our sessions. With Cath’s support and perspective I can 100% say I’m a different person from who I was 15months ago. Cath has this amazing sixth sense to immerse herself in each and every session, listen intricately, and give you the tools to thrive and be your best self. Cath just ‘gets you’, and her wisdom is both a blessing and an investment that’ll last a lifetime 💕”


I came to Cath wanting to reignite my passion in meditation and walked away with both this but also a much deeper understanding and connection both with myself and the universe.She's given me some amazing tools I can use to access this connection/ energy. She's made me realise anything really is possible. The girl has a gift!


I had been to several of her meditation classes and was immediately drawn to her warmth and genuine energy. I found that in our one:one sessions Cath was able to really guide me through some great exercises and explanations to help me deepen my meditation practices and more importantly into being able to tap into true inner peace.  Cath has been able to support me so much through an exciting yet unsettling time in my life.


Cath is very intuitive and uses this strength to read between the lines with her clients. I unravelled so much during my very first session even I was surprised by what I told her!  The strategies and support Cath provides makes you feel powerful, like you can achieve anything your heart so desires. Thank you Cath for all that you do, you are a rare gem and I am so glad to know you.


Big big BIIIGGGG life changing stuff here Cath. haha.  You are changing the game Cath Gillespie!  THANK YOU!



Thank you so much Cath!  Really feel wonderful after todays session,  Best money I have spent in ages!  



I ve never done anything like this!  It has really helped my wellbeing and assume it will continue to do so.  Your approach is so effective and your attitude to how you present the content is amazing infectious positive learning!



The improvements have been significant. I feel happier, more focused, more energised... I commenced sessions due to having bad eczema on hands... This is slowly disappearing


I ended up seeing Cath for 9 one on one sessions whilst recently going through a challenging time in my life.  I am so very grateful for the life skills I have learnt over this period.  My girlfriends are even noticing the difference in my way of handling things..in particular my ability to react less and mindfully respond more.  Thank you Cath!