• Cath Gillespie

Setting Internal Goals First

I cracked it with goals. I was once an over-achieving perfectionist who would have no problem setting and achieving goals. It never led me to the thing I was really looking for though. So I kind of cracked it and decided not to set them. As rebellious as this felt, this strategy didn't work either as it slowed down my momentum and fire and focus.

Thankfully I have now found a much more effective, fulfilling way to plan and intentionally create.


You see everything we want in life is because we think we will feel better in the having of it. It really is the feeling we expect we will get after we have achieved or obtained that next thing that we are truly shooting for. The problem is it just doesn't work this way.

There is little satisfaction and joy in me achieving my goals for 2018 if I feel stressed, doubtful and very little peace along the way, all for a temporary moment of satisfaction and an "I what" kinda feeling.

This is why I set feeling goals FIRST. Because I want the feeling more than the achievement.

Sooo. How do we do this without 5 days of internal reflection and a yoga retreat?

This morning, before I wrote down my external goals, I used words to describe how I wanted to feel.


As I imagined feeling this way and repeated and wrote the words my energy shifted and I received a burst of silly, clear, light energy.

I had embodied and felt.. how I want 2018 to feel. It felt great. Now this was a goal I was very interested in!!

From this energetic state my external goals then just poured out of me. I knew my action steps for this week and I felt eager about the bigger picture ones.

If we create how we want to feel FIRST you will be amazed at how we attract and draw to us experiences that match this feeling.

Whilst this is less controlling than my old ways..I m happy with that. If I feel clear, light, fun and silly...I don't really care about the specific details in terms of what this looks like or how it plays out.

I know, the analytical mind has a field day with this. I hear you protesting about the impracticalities of it. It doesn't mean that we don't take the actions that we need to pay the bills and put food on the table. It just means that we create the feeling we want and then do the next thing logical thing we need to do or feel inspired to do from there.

The great thing about feeling goals is that once we are practiced in the feeling we are wanting, then we become this type of person (from the inside out). Our personalities move towards who we want to be. And the benefits of this are lifelong. As opposed to external goals like new cars or new jobs that may provide a temporary high, but dissipate pretty quickly.

Happy 2018 all xx

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